‘Project Kick’, (a program of FRF’s Community Outreach Program), was established to inspire and motivate youth to become involved in community activities, physical activity, set goals, and take responsibility for their own lives and neighborhoods. For children with special needs and children from single parent families, participation in sports not only increases self-esteem and engages them in a healthy and active lifestyle, but also increases their sense of self-worth, while encouraging them to expand and explore their career aspirations.

In addition to the after school athletic activities associated with, Project Kick offers both group and individual tutoring, after school and counseling activities, and parental support. As FRF, through Project Kick, continues to bolster the Community Outreach Program, the aim is to reduce isolation of children, get them away from the television, increase physical activity, and provide positive role models for youth. Developing parental interaction skills and crisis intervention will be the primary tools used to achieve success in their lives.

Lastly, by providing professional and emotional support through the programs of FRF and Project Kick, the end purpose is to build trust and confidence in FRF’s youth participants. FRF recognizes that the foundation of successful leadership comes from effectively creating, nurturing and channeling relationships toward shared goals that creates fantastic change for kids.

The need for sports activities is to provide an alternative to after school programs for children of single parent-homes, from low-income families. FRF strives to create sports activities that provide a fun, safe experience, in which children can learn basic athletic skills, good sportsmanship and teamwork, and increase their self-esteem. The activities will be after-school and on weekends, with special programs run during vacation periods.