Our Board of Directors

As the Founder, Mr. Akwasi Oppong has put in place a model designed to raise the standard of living locally in Tarrant County, Texas and in rural Ghana. This is accomplished through a menu of current programs and future projects that will address prevention of disease initiatives, education, school/library construction, donations of books, clothing, and school supplies, donation of medical supplies, improved drinking water projects and job creation. After completing Arizona State University with a Business Degree in Sales and Marketing, Akwasi found his passion with FRF, and has established a vast network of friends and industry contacts around the world.

Mr. Oppong’s strength lies in building a strong team that is focused upon making things happen. This team; the board, staff, supporters, and partners assist with connecting the dots to take projects from concept to completion. The team ensures hat all marketing opportunities are fully explored and utilized both off and on line. Through taking actions calculated to face challenges and solve problems, the ultimate goal is to make a positive and practical impact on the lives of millions of people in Tarrant County, Texas and the Dansoman Region of Ghana.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the general oversight, direction and management of the organization. Directors meet quarterly for general business meetings, although the Executive Committee and various committees of the Board convene frequently, as needed, to conduct specific business on certain issues.