Accomplishments To Date

In 2013, Fever Relief Fund made 17 shipments of medical supplies and equipment to 10 Government hospitals in Ghana W. Africa. These donated articles are of immeasurable assistance to FRF health care programs overseas, often making the difference between remaining open or closing.

The goal is to raise, on a yearly basis, $346,000 for the shipping program. FRF volunteers gather, sort, repair, catalog, pack and ship items ranging from needles, syringes and bandages to incubators, computers, ultra sound and operating tables as donations to hospitals in the region. Some of these hospitals are Tema Regional Hospital, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Achimota Hospital, Ejisu Hospital, Juaso District Hospital, Konongo Hospital, Obuasi Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, Kwahu Government Hospital, Obengfo to name a few.

Did you know

More than $15 billion worth of medical supplies are discarded each year in the United States. At the same time, less fortunate countries are in desperate need of medical supplies. FRF closes this health care gap by connecting those who have with those who hope. Medical and surgical supplies and equipment (crutches, wheelchairs, scalpels, syringes, gloves, antibiotics, beds, exam tables etc.) are procured and delivered to health care providers in Ghana West Africa.

Cost Per Each Shipment

The cost of sending one 8 by 8 by 40-foot container is approximately $30,000. The shipments of medical supplies cannot be shipped without funding. This is where the donors and supporters of FRF are critical and crucial.

FRF closes the gap by connecting those who have with those who hope