Q: How does Fever Relief Fund carry out its mission?

A: The mission is carried out through the programs and projects of FRF both in the states and in Ghana. ‘Project Kick’ provides after school athletic programs in Tarrant County, Texas. In Ghana services are provided through Projects ‘A Book in Hand’, ‘Change of Clothing’, ‘Project MD’, and ‘Project New Hope’.

The quality of life in Ghana is improved through the collection, shipping, and distribution of clothing, books, medical supplies, school supplies, the building of schools and libraries and providing clean water.

Q: Why does Fever Relief Fund work with grassroots organizations?

A: FRF realizes that the best solution to any problem is the creation of partnerships, coalitions, and joining forces with a common goal in mind. There is always strength in numbers, and those who are on the ‘front lines’ are doubly effective through their expertise in identifying solutions, implementing programs, mobilizing volunteers and staff, and having as an outcome a positive, visible track record and presence in the community.

Q: Where does Fever Relief Fund funding come from and where does it go?

A:  Funding comes from private donations, in-kind contributions, grants, contributions, and the collection and donation of items throughout the United States to be shipped and distributed.

Funding is used in the States and in Ghana to provide the programs and projects of FRF.

Q: What segment of society does Fever Relief Fund help?

A: FRF responds to all people in need regardless of race, religion, national origin, or social position. FRF partners with individuals and organizations from all cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds in order to bring relief and hope to those in need.

Q: Why give through Fever Relief Fund?

A: While America is an extremely generous nation, it may surprise you to know that only 3% of all U.S. philanthropy is directed to international causes. And only a fraction of those 3 cents of each charitable dollar is invested at the grassroots level addressing the acute needs of people in developing nations. Since all our work is abroad, gifts to Fever Relief Fund are able to meet these needs in an efficient, targeted manner. The public foundation status of Fever Relief Fund, our low administrative overhead, and the collaborative structure of Fever Relief Fund, enables private foundations, corporate, and individual donors the opportunity to make international grants without struggling with the issues that often hinder effective international grant making: difficulty in identifying appropriate recipients, evaluating program effectiveness, and high costs and administrative burdens.

In summary:
Fever Relief Fund has established a network of effective tried and proven project managers in 10 countries in Ghana:

  • FRF works with effective grassroots organizations that are successful at identifying specific local needs and cost-effective methods of dealing with those needs.
  • The project managers of FRF, are tried, proven, competent, and experienced in overseas work.These project managers are well connected with local government officials and business leaders. This ensures the effectiveness  and relevance of the project to local needs, and helps guarantee sustainability.
  • FRF represents simplicity and convenience for the donor.
  • Fever Relief Fund is experienced in the crucial areas of project identification and selection, as well as monitoring, evaluation, and reporting. All legal and regulatory issues pertaining to international distributions and grant making are expertly handled. This includes due diligence on beneficiaries, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation.
  • Donors can be assured that all gifts to the organization are being managed and directed to a qualified and effective project that has  been pre-screened and is accountable to FRF.
  • Donors save the expense, time, trouble, and uncertainty of having to deal directly with overseas projects.
  • Donors can count on timely, accurate, and comprehensive reporting and evaluations.
  • While the reach of FRF is international as well as local, the U.S. headquarters of FRF is conveniently local.