The Fever Relief Fund Foundation is looking for matching grant capital. We looking for small group of companies willing to donate to a good cause and benefits of tax write off.  These companies that come aboard will help create The Fever Relief Endowment Fund. These funds will be overseen by treasury board and funds will not be allocated for any financial transactions until matching grant is awarded to the foundation. The long term goal is to raise enough capital to help our endeavors in Ghana and W African Region.  By partnering up with firms that donate to a good course we can achieve our goals faster at a greater success rate.

  1. Firm/Company Makes Donation to FRF. (Bank of Choice will be set up under FRF)
  2. Funds stay at Donors bank of Choice. (Funds are never touched or utilized for Foundation activities)
  3. Donor enjoys the luxury of 50 percent tax writes off. (Funds are overseen by Donors Accountant or trust group)
  4. Fever Relief Fund will seek a matching donation from another donor through a grant program or company matching other donors.
  5. When matching funds are received, the first donor receives 10 percent of the matching proceeds. (Please be advice that a 1099 has to issued at end of each year as consulting services for each matching grant)
  6. Initial donor funds will always be secured and never utilized. Funds will always be available via request.

Key Project: 2016-2022

  1. FRF City of Refuge Orphanage in Accra.
  2. FRF Community Hospital.

Donations from individuals and corporate entities have formed the backbone of funding for our programs and services. Kindly contact us via the addresses/ telephone numbers listed below for information on how to donate to our cause.

Donation Options

Individual Donations

Donate in your name or your organization’s name to support our efforts.

Honoree Donation

Honor a loved one with a donation in his/her name. It’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

Monthly Recurring Donations

Monthly recurring donations



Fever Relief Fund teamed up with Toys for Tots Foundation and Faved Events to distribute toys and books to City of Refuge. City of Refuge provide resources that arrest crisis, restore self-respect and transition individuals and their families back on the road to independence and positive social engagement with life-building tools to individuals and families in Atlanta who are living on the margins.


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