Due to poverty, the worldwide demand for second hand clothing is on the rise. FRF collects; packs and ships used clothing overseas to help orphans and village communities truly in need of these basic necessities. Forty-foot containers of clothing are shipped to Ghana 15 times a year, benefiting countless children and youth in extreme poverty. Those items that are too big or not appropriate due to political or cultural reasons, are donated locally to a ministry that distributes clothes to the poor and needy.

Did You Know?

In most countries uniforms are required to attend school and parents can’t afford to purchase them for their children. Many children are missing out on an education because of something as simple as a school uniform is not available.

Cost Per Each Shipment

The cost of sending one 8 by 8 by 40-foot container is approximately $12,000. The shipments of clothing, shoes, outerwear, and other personal necessities cannot be delivered and distributed without the donations, contributions, and support of FRF partners and supporters.

Accomplishments To Date

FRF has clothed more than 30,000 desperately needy children in Ghana.